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We help managers do things like

Improve Individual and Team Productivity

Do you really bring out the best in your team? We help you create meaningful objectives, recognition habits, and constructive feedback loops.

Create a More Motivating Work Environment

Do your employees more often than not “go above and beyond” or just do what is expected? We help you create a work environment where employees “want to do” versus “have to do.”

Become More Approachable

Do you really know your employees as well as you should? We show you rapport-building techniques that increase openness and cooperation.

Increase Employee Involvement

Do you really tap into your employee’s creativity and ideas? We will coach you in the simple but highly effective techniques that get even the quieter ones participating.

How LeadingUp Works

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We will call you for a 15 minute introduction to you and your company. We'll also pinpoint some issues and create a game plan.

Unlimited, On-Demand Coaching

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People Often Ask Us

What languages do you support?


Is this for me?

If you want to grow your career, your people skills are absolutely critical for moving up. The higher you go in an organization, the more you use your people skills, not your tech skills.

Remember, you are evaluated on what your people do, not what you do.

How available are you really?

Sun-Thurs: Email response time - a few hours

Fri-Sat: 24 hours

Call booking: As per scheduled

Will responses be from a human or a bot?

Responses will ALWAYS be from a real, live, breathing human. All responses are custom and we also never use templates in email.

The Experience We Bring

Stephen Taylor MSW, MBA

I’m a behavior/leadership coach and I specialize in working with supervisors/team leaders who want to get better results with their employees. Like you, I’ve struggled with trying to get people to go ‘above and beyond’. I’ve also learned over 25 years what it’s like to be caught ‘in-between’, satisfying the needs of management and the needs of my employees. My work with supervisors focuses on helping you create a motivating ‘want to’ (rather than ‘have to’) environment for your employees. I get enormous satisfaction seeing supervisors apply very specific, actionable, behaviors that actually improve results.

Dr. Shelley Cainer

I have been coaching supervisors, team leaders and employees for over 25 years. There’s nothing more rewarding in my work than watching a person develop into a strong, effective leader who gets results. We’ll work together on any productivity issue that you bring me and build your leadership behaviors. My advanced behavioral training in psychology helps me zoom in on what you need to do to improve your employees’ performance and advance your career.

One of Our Success Stories

"Shelley and Stephen helped me recognize that leading is a combination of both heart and head and that a servant leadership role allows you to achieve incredible results with people. In my role today as President and CEO of Gay Lea Foods, the lessons are timeless, the values consistent, and the training life changing."

Michael Barrett
President & CEO, Gay Lea Foods